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The harvest is launched...
During the two to three weeks preceding this annual event, the harvest was meticulously prepared :
The cave was cleaned as close as possible to perfection, the impermiability of the barrels and larger casks were checked, a complete study was made of the reception plan of the harvest and the positioning of our equipment… not to forget the training of the group of pickers who formed a team of complementary personalities, multilingual and entirely mobile according (...)

A country break for two in the heart of a vineyard ; that leaves you dreaming ? That is now possible at the Domaine de Cazaban ! Roam around the streets of Carcassonne hand in hand, fall under the charm of the medieval cité or stroll down the country path along the midi canal ; our region conjures up an atmosphere of calm and delight. Nestling in the foothills of the Montagne Noire, a few minutes from Carcassonne, in the heart of the Cathar country, the Domaine de Cazaban is an ideal base (...)

A rare encounter, incomparable to others which have occurred in my life.
What put me on the path to the Domaine de Cazaban ?
Firstly, a vital need for renewal, without any concessions to the essential elements which have a meaning for me today and which stimulate desire and pleasure.
Essentially, Nature. Complete immersion and interaction with Nature, concentrating on details with all of my senses : odours, sounds, images, tactile sensations…
Then human encounters which are sincere, (...)

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